An International Joomla!® event in Cape Town

International speakers17 Speakers from 7 Countries!

This year, at the Joomla!Day™ event in Cape Town (19-20 August 2011), we are privileged to host Joomla! speakers (developers, trainers, evangelists) from all over the world.

Louis Landry (Joomla Production Leadership Team and eBay) and Ryan Ozimek (Open Source Matters President and Joomla! evangelist) will be traveling from San Jose and Washington DC, in the USA to join us for Joomla!Day Cape Town. Andrew Eddie (Joomla co-founder, Joomla Platform developer & eBay) will join us via Skype from Australia.

Joomla! extension developers that will also be heading to Cape Town, is Achim Fischer (Codingfish Limited) from Germany, Peter van Westen (nonumber.nl) from The Netherlands, and Yannick Gaultier (SH404SEF) from France.

Brian Teeman (Joomla co-founder and trainer) will be traveling from the UK.

South AfricaThe local participation this year is also great, with Phehello Mofokeng (Joomla! evangelist and an open source fanatic) from Johannesburg, Brendon Hatcher (Joomla trainer and co-organizer) from Durban, and Sean Grant (trainer and co-organizer), Simon Dowdles (CCK developer), Ross Bartholomew (web-builder) Chris Rault (designer and developer), Jacques Rentzke (web-builder and Open Source Matters board member), and Matthew Philogene (Joomla!Day co-organizer and developer), all from the greater Cape Town area.

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About Joomla!Day

JoomlaDay™ in South Africa has been running since 2007, with the 11th event being organised in 2015. The event has been held in Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg. read more...

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