JoomlaDay Event Feedback - Johannesburg 2013 South Africa

JoomlaDay 2013 kicked off on Friday 18 October. An enthusiastic and committed crew of Joomla! fans arrived at JoziHub in the heart of Johannesburg to learn, share, network and leave with many more tools in their bags of tricks!

A large draw card this year was, once again, the excellent speaker and presentation line up. We had a total of 17 topics presented by 12 different experts representing 5 countries! The topics were varied, appealing to everyone irrelevant of their skills set or business direction. Each presentation and presenter stood on their own merit and shared a plethora of knowledge with enthusiasm and commitment. Large international organisations such as Google, OSM and YellowFin to name a few showed their support for this function. The full programme can be found here:

This year we were able to keep the ticket price down to the same price as last year largely due to the generous sponsorship of:

  • JoziHub
  • Seblod
  • YellowFin
  • acymailing
  • ACL Manager
  • HikaShop
  • OpenSourceMatters
  • digital brands
  • ALTSTADT Printing

We partnered with the JoziHub membership base to extend participation outside of the Joomla community but still we found it hard to raise the numbers. We had over 40 people in attendance but with a programme as bursting with knowledge and expertise it would still be great to see more people attend these events!

This year was the 10th consecutive event that has been held in South Africa which does go to show that there is interest and support so whilst there are people willing to attend and others willing to put the events together Joomla South Africa will continue to put Joomla Days in place!

This year two other Joomla Day’s were taking place at exactly the same time as the one in South Africa. We were able to connect up, via Skype, with teams in Houston, USA and Sydney, Australia, which was exciting for everyone involved. Its great to realize that we are part of a global community all working with shared goals and vision.

Your feedback

As is the intention of events like this it gives like-minded people the opportunity to meet and share their experiences, ideas and goals with Joomla! as the core focus and this year’s function did just that. The feedback, to date, that the organizing committee received both during and after the function has, on the whole, been positive and they continue to be open to suggestions as to how next year’s function could be improved on, please send comments / ideas / feedback to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will make all suggestions visible on line at:  www.joomladay.org.za once we have collated them so please share freely.

As a newbie to both the organizing committee and the Joomla! community in general it was exceptionally rewarding for me to get a clear understanding of how Joomla! is literally shaping the lives of people all around the World.

It’s quite staggering when we begin to understand the extent to which people are implementing technology into their own lives and the lives of others and the positive impact this can and does have. The Joomla! community, locally and internationally, is made up of some pretty clever people and, after this weekend, we all left just that bit richer for our experiences.

For more information about JoomlaDay South Africa please click here.

Written by Alex

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JoomlaDay™ in South Africa has been running since 2007, with the 11th event being organised in 2015. The event has been held in Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg. read more...

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