Joomla! Platform project code session

pavillion-boardroomThere's been quite a bit of discussion during the past few months about the Joomla!® Platform project.  It's the framework on top of which the Joomla! CMS operates.  Think of it like the operating system for Joomla, and the CMS as a sort of application that runs on it.

What's most interesting about the Joomla Platform is the ability for developers to create applications that can power the next generation of Web services...outside of the Joomla CMS.

It gives developers the opportunity to build command line interface (CLI) apps, daemons (think of "always on" server apps), and many more cool functionalities.

During Joomla!Day Chicago, a room of 9 people came together to write some of the first example Joomla Platform apps.

Now, for Joomla!Day South Africa in Cape Town, we plan to do it again!

We'll have a dedicated room, refreshments, music, and lead architect Louis Landry in the house to help us drive the community forward in building more example apps for the Joomla Platform.

If you're a developer, and you want to be on the frontline of the next generation of Joomla, this is the place to be! (seats are limited!)

Not able to join us in Cape Town?  No problem!  We'll be posting information on Twitter with the hashtag #jplatform throughout the day, and you can ask your questions and join us online.

The Joomla Platform code session is planned for the Saturday afternoon, and will run parallel to the sessions for that day. (more details will be announced on the day)

If you are not yet registered for Joomla!Day Cape Town (19-20 August 2011), you have to act now to secure your place

About Joomla!Day

JoomlaDay™ in South Africa has been running since 2007, with the 11th event being organised in 2015. The event has been held in Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg. read more...

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