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Leaked! Confessions of a Joomla DEV

Prevention is better than cure. This is no exception with security and the Joomla Operating system. It's not a matter of IF your websites will be attacked, but only a matter of WHEN they will be attacked. The question is, are your websites prepared to withstand the onslaught, or are they a malicious script field day case study where the doors and windows are left wide open?

As an introduction, Paul will look at the foundations of server and script security and various tips and tricks to harden your Joomla instance against possible attacks. This talk will provide practical steps you can apply to immediately beef up security of your current Joomla instance. Secondly, he will discuss the practical steps you need to follow if you wake up one day and the unthinkable did happen. This talk is a must for Beginner and Intermediate Joomla users, and the old timers can also join to make sure all leaked information is accurate.

Never say never, and welcome to the resistance!

Additional Info

  • Presenter:: Paul van Jaarsveld
  • Category:: Joomla


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