The internet of things

We live in an age where "things" are changing so quickly, predominantly driven by technology, that it is extremely difficult to actually stop the bus, get off and reflect on the "So What?" question! 

We live in the day of instant gratification – I want it now, not next week or even later today – now! Just look at the “Mobile Telephone” and “The Smart Phone” market! It is difficult to reconcile that it is only 20 years since the first Cellphones were in use in South Africa.

How long ago did Facebook start, and Twitter, and LinkedIn – and Plaxo? When was the “World Wide Web” first introduced for public consumption? What happened to Netscape? What has happened to the PDA?

Look at how Twitter has transformed journalism! How Skype has changed the lives of families living on opposite sides of the world! Who needs vast and expensive Online Conferencing facilities when you can do it for free with Skype?

We are caught up in the “internet of things”! 

What is “Cloud Computing”? And do we care?

What is real, what is myth? What is fact and what is fiction? What actually adds real business value?

There are two clear markets – the Business Market and The Consumer Market – and yet they

overlap! Business thrives on consumers (customers) but what is the real business value of Facebook?

Who needs a web site when we have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

What about OpenSource and Freeware? Is it really “free”?

Who is winning the battle for the “business mind”?

Who needs The Oxford English Dictionary, Encyclopaedia Brittanica and Wikepedia, when we have Google?!

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  • Presenter:: Rick Parry
  • Category:: Business/Marketing


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