Bugs, Patches and other abnormalities (or how I got hooked to Joomla's bug patching process) (level: Beginner)

Last year at Joomladay South Africa in Cape Town I did a keynote "How to contribute to the Joomla! Community". 
In that presentation I explained that you don't need to know PHP/MySQL code to contribute to the Joomla community.

At JandBeyond 2013 (European Joomla conference) I spent one night helping out in the Joomla Bug Squad. 
With some help I submitted my 1st patch, which got accepted to the Joomla core code! This was fun!

That night many of us got enthusiastic, so one month later I helped organizing a Dutch "Joomla Pizza Bugs & Fun" day. 
We got a lot of Dutch Joomla users with no programming experience to help out with testing bug fixes that other people wrote.

In this session Peter will show how the Bugtracker & Github work, and give you an insight in the whole bugfixing & testing process. 
At the end I hope to have convinced you that you can help out, with or without programming experience, to make Joomla's code better!

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  • Presenter:: Peter Martin
  • Category:: Joomla

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