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Louis Landry is a long-time Core contributor to the Joomla!® project, and until recently a member of the Production Leadership Team (PLT). He is currently a full-time employee of eBay, but remains an active contributor to the Joomla Platform Project.

Originally from New Orleans, and now living in San Jose, California, Louis Landry works in Web development, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Louisiana Tech University. His first experience with computers was playing on a 286 with Basic at his father's office. Louis has programmed in many languages, ranging from low level x86 assembly to managed languages like Java, and scripting languages like PHP. Louis was a founding member of his university's robotics team. Additionally, he is a car nut, and enjoys working on them in his spare time.

Sean Grant trains and supports ordinary people to develop extra-ordinary websites using the Joomla! CMS, as the course developer & lead trainer for Learn Joomla! Sean loves to help clients find, customise and implement the best solutions for their particular activities and interests, empowering them to be web enterprise managers for their organisation, drawing on personal experience and a diverse range of practical challenges faced by our clients.

Sean has pioneered initiatives such as the the Joomla! SA Portal, the SA Joomla! User Group and JoomlaDay events locally with a group of like-minded individuals, who see value as more important than control.

Kath Roderick has been in the web space for the past 11yrs in various roles including designer, front end developer and web analyst. She is a Platform Strategy Advisor at Microsoft South Africa and focuses on the Microsoft web stack and User Experience. Besides presenting at a number of local conferences and events such as TechEd Africa, DevDays and the The Marketing Show, she is also involved in local web and UX communities.

Henk Kleynhans is a Computer Scientist and Internet Junkie turned Social Entrepreneur and Broadband White Knight. He realised that if he could incentivize thousands of small entrepreneurs to set up Wi­Fi internet hotspots, it would soon lead to a dramatic increase in broadband penetration in South Africa. He thus founded Skyrove, which enables anyone to earn an income by sharing their internet access with their neighbours.

Henk is currently standing on WAPA's committee as Chairperson. He is focusing his efforts on improving the online reputation of WISPs that are associated with WAPA, by helping to establish & enforce standards of quality and service with the cooperation of WAPA members, as well as ensuring that consumers and potential partners, e.g.the ISPA, mobile network operators and large ISPs understand the difference between a WAPA Service Provider and a "backyard" WISP that does not adhere to the same standards of quality and service. Henk, as spokesperson for WAPA, is currently lobbying the DoC and ICASA to free up TV white-space frequency, in an effort to better utilise underused spectrum, in this way assisting them in their mandate to make the broadband market more competitive and services more affordable and accessible to consumers around the country and simultaneously promoting innovation and economic development.

Using Wi-Fi technology, Wireless Access Providers’ Association members have already helped countless consumers, businesses, schools and hospitals to connect to the Internet. Besides for WAPA, Henk also serves on the Executive Committee of the Silicon Cape Initiative, is a Cape IT Initiative "IT Hero" and has been named by the Mail & Guardian as one of "200 Young South Africans You Must Take To Lunch"

Founder of South Africa and Switzerland based OCSL Education, a company arranging linguistic studies in the US, UK, South Africa and Malta.

After building a basic (non-Joomla) website for his company, Thierry developed a deep passion for web design and all that comes with it; usability, development, performance optimization and so much more.

In Thierry's world, there's no other option than to excel in all you do. As a result of this, and in order to achieve his high goals for the website, he decided it was time to take the site to the next level; focusing on flexibility, performance, seo and a better user experience.

Working alongside Chris Rault, co-founder of Web Monkeys Design Studio, Thierry got introduced to Joomla! This ignited his passion for web design and performance optimization even further and has resulted in the OCSL website being recognized as one of the best sites in its field!

Beside OCSL, Thierry is working on quite a few other projects. This allows him to put into practice what he loves doing, i.e. getting the best out of the Joomla! CMS and its many extensions. In terms of his work, Thierry has an incredibly analytical and precise outlook. This is expressed through his innovative, creative, “can do" attitude - the word "impossible" resonates "I’m possible" in the mind of Thierry Muller.

Dave is a Technical Developer Evangelist at Microsoft South Africa, working with local developers to create applications on the Microsoft platform. He has 10 years of experience working in various industries including SCADA, GIS, and Enterprise and has worked with a wide variety of technologies including .Net, Silverlight, SQL Server, SharePoint, XNA, and DirectX. Dave presents at a number of local conferences and events including Teched, DevDays, Devs4Devs and other community events. His love for technology is only equalled by his love of game development and he is an active member of the local game development community.

Phehello Mofokeng is a Joomla! evangelist and an open source fanatic with a passion for all things design. He is also a publisher, a writer, a very good graphic designer, researcher and finally a father. He has been using Joomla for the past 3 - 4 years. He has since crossed over to the government as an assistant web content manager where he still preaches Joomla! He possesses an Honours degree in Drama & Film and African Languages and he aims to pursue an MBA one day.

Originally a youth worker with severely disturbed youngsters Brian was involved in publishing some of the largest multimedia CD-ROMS of the late 90's. In 2000 Brian helped to launch the first Linux ISP for the UK and later co-founded Joomla! and Open Source Matters.

Brian writes regularly on all things Joomla! at http://brian.teeman.net and is never known for being slow to express an opinion.

I specialize in design, implementation and custom Joomla! templates mostly on a business to business level working internationally with companies such as raramuridesign and Piezoworks whilst also maintaining my own development company got2cy.

The last 3 years I found myself in the position of co-organiser of the Joomla! Day in Cape Town.

"Offline" I enjoy Travelling, Hiking & camping, Rock climbing and Off-the-beaten-track Travel to remote parts of South Africa (no-internet!!). All of this is off-set by the hard work we do Online in Web Strategy Development & Design from our offices, located in Cape Town, South Africa.

I have been involved in the Online Industry for over 14 years. Obtained a diploma in Marketing and Advertising, before going into the Online Industry. My main passion lies in Solution Development for clients using popular open source systems, and seeing our clients businesses grow to success, as a result of the Websites which we develop.

I am also a co-organiser of the JoomlaDay Events in South Africa, over the last 3 years we have organised 10 events around the country.

Simon Dowdles is a young web designer, seasoned PHP developer, actionscript enthusiast and Joomla worshipper residing in the mother city herself, Cape Town. Currently employed by Webfactory South Africa, Simon spends a lot of his time creating rich Joomla web sites - most of which are powered by Seblod CCK - and developing solutions based PHP applications for his clients. Simon holds a special interest in the e-commerce aspect of the web and has had a fair deal of experience with implementing payment gateways into his clients web sites.

With his main qualification being in the graphic design field, Simon finds himself with the rare ability to complete projects from design to development and loves the creative parts just as much as the development parts!

When not in front of a computer screen, Simon will no doubt be found ripping up the slopes of our mountains on his mountain bike - along with his life partner Carly - or experimenting with his BMX on some dirt jumps.

Independant software developer, Products distributed by Anything Digital

I am an independant software developer from Bordeaux, France. After 20-years in another industry, I started sh404SEF in 2006 and released it publicly, with other free extensions. 5 years, a few hundred thousands users later, I am now a fulltime developer, expanding sh404SEF and creating new products for open-source CMSes.

Developer with a focus on Joomla! extensions (Discussions & Marketplace), Ruby on Rails and Mobile Devices. His big passion are all kind of technical gadgets especially smartphones & tablets. Attendant and speaker at local and international events.

Founder and owner of Bartwebsites. Started building static sites in 2007 using Dreamweaver. In 2009 I made the move to CMS and spend 3 months focusing on learning Joomla. I have now built over 30 Joomla sites ranging from very simple standard 3 page site to sites with hundreds of pages and using many extensions.

Andrew Eddie is the co-founder of the award-winning, and world popular Joomla!® Project, which started in 2005. He is presently a full time software engineer working with eBay to support their in-house Joomla-based systems. Toowoomba, Australia is Andrew's home.

Andrew has over ten years of web application development and consulting in his repertoire, and is winner of the Queensland Medal for outstanding contribution to Queensland Australia's software industry. He is also the creator and curator of The Art of Joomla, providing tutorials and resources for Joomla! developers and site designers.

Brendon Hatcher is Technical Director of BrilliantWeb, a web strategy and development firm based in Durban. He is involved in Joomla as a promoter, evangelist, trainer, etc. He is part of the Joomla Day organising group.

Peter van Westen has been working with Joomla for several years now with his one-man company NoNumber!

He offers an ever-growing collection of highly rated extensions, like Advanced Module Manager, Articles Anywhere, Tabber, Slider, Sourcerer, etc.

He is also the driving force behind the extension "What? Nothing!"

With a deep love for all things web, Chris is a true Devigner (equal parts Developer & Designer) and a long-time Joomla! advocate. He is one of the creators and main driving forces behind the development and innovation of the Morph Framework for Joomla - helping thousands of Joomla users "Go live faster".

Chris is passionate about user experience design, content construction kits, web standards, usability, accessibility, user interface design and performance optimization. His expertise and free-sharing spirit has helped many Joomla related projects, including Molajo, JomSocial, FlexiContent and Tienda.

As a speaker, Chris has been known to "rock the stage" at CMS Expo in USA and Joomla!Day in Malaysia, where he covered topics on usability, advanced web development, Zoo CCK and the Morph Framework. Chris, with his passion for living life to the extreme, will inspire you to learn more, dig deeper... and realize that nothing is impossible.

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