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A website is a living project, one that changes and grows beyond it's initial implementation. In addition to it's day-to-day management, upgrades and new requirements allow a website to meet quality and value expectations. For anyone managing more than one website this becomes increasingly difficult and costly the more websites there are and the more complex they become. Serving multiple websites off a single code base holds the potential for making this easy to do. In this presentation Stephen examines what is required for this to be possible using the Joomla! framework.

Presenter: Stephen Tredrea (ZA) (Amibe.net)

Content Construction Kits are made up of two principles. The first is the ability to create custom content types, made up of different custom fields that you define. The second is how that content is displayed on your site. The latter is done by creating content templates and can be used to construct literally any layout you want. Your only limitation is your creativity.

A good Content Construction Kit (CCK) has no assumptions about what should be outputted on the page and after trying most of the available CCK's for Joomla!, Chris has settled on Zoo as his favorite. In this talk, Chris will give you an overview of Zoo's features, explain the steps needed to start creating your own custom content types, as well as share a couple tricks he's learnt along the way.

Presenter: Chris Rault (ZA) (Web Monkeys)

"Marketplace" is a Joomla! 1.5 (soon Joomla! 1.6) native classified ads extension.  In this presentation I will show what you can do with "Marketplace" (and what not). I will introduce its features and give an overview on how to set it up to manage a classified ads section on a Joomla! website. 

Presenter: Achim Fischer (DE) (Codingfish.com)

Using Joomla to build client web sites makes business sense. Joomla provides huge advantages to web site developers - ease of use, the wide range of functionality available through extensions, speed of site development etc.  Find out how Joomla can make your web development process easier.

Building a business around Joomla. BrilliantWeb has been using Joomla for all our client web site development since Joomla started.  We have developed considerable knowledge in the relationship between business processes, design processes, contractual arrangements etc on the one hand, and Joomla on the other.  Find out how to structure your web development offerings and processes around the Joomla framework.

Presenter: Brendon Hatcher (ZA) (BrilliantWeb)

"Discussions" is a Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6 native forum extension. In this presentation I will give an overview about the features of "Discussions", how it is installed and configured and give some tips & tricks on how to use it to manage online forums on a Joomla! website.

Presenter: Achim Fischer (DE) (Codingfish.com)

There are quite a few NoNumber! extensions that possess great power. Extensions like Sourcerer, ReReplacer, Articles/Modules Anywhere, Snippets, etc..

But using these extensions together will unleash even greater powers. Scary powers. Stuff you might feel you are not worthy of being able to do.

Don't worry, it's not black magic... it's magic, but not black.

I'll show you some ways I use the extensions myself. Combinations that lighten the workload and make pages very dynamic.

But we might learn from each other. I often hear of ways NoNumber! extensions are used I couldn't have thought of myself :)

Presenter: Peter van Westen (NL) (NoNumber!)
Peter is the developer of these extensions

This is an introductory session for people new to Joomla.

In just 45 minutes Brian will take a broken html web site and turn it into a stunning Joomla powered web site.

Presenter: Brian Teeman (UK) (brian.teeman.net)

An overview of the state of Joomla in SA: the Joomla SA portal, SAJUG, City-based User Groups, Joomla site developers, and template / extension developers, and important SA sites using Joomla

Presenter: Matthew Philogene (ZA) (raramuridesign)

There are a number of options for people wanting to use their website as a springboard for sending out mass mailing. One of the very simple yet very effective options is Acymailing from Acyba Services. This software integrates seamlessly into your Joomla site and can be set up to function in tandem with your Joomla registrations or separately. It can handle single or multiple mailing lists and can have unlimited templates created to simplify the mailing of regular emails. We will cover installing, configuring, importing a database, modifying a template and sending out a mailing.

Presenter: Ross Bartholomew (ZA) (Bartwebsite)

How to get up to speed with Joomla.  This talk, by a full-time Joomla trainer will cover the learning process and learning areas required to be an effective Joomla site developer.  I will showcase our favorite online/offline and commercial/community resources discovered over the last five years of equipping Joomla! users, administrators & developers.

Presenter: Sean Grant (ZA) (LearnJoomla)

The first Hidden Joomla Secrets presentation has been seen by over 30,000 people and has been featured on the front page of slideshare.net three times since it was first published. It's about time it was updated for Joomla 1.6/7 so this will be the premier of the long awaited "all new" presentation with 20 secrets to share with you for the first time.

The presentation is all about exposing the true power, flexibility and opportunities that Joomla offers web developers all around the world. I discovered last time that most of the "Secrets" were not known by even the most experienced Joomla web site builders and I'm confident that this "all new" presentation will surprise you even more.

Presenter: Brian Teeman (UK) (brian.teeman.net)

In typical dog and pony fashion, join Kath and Dave as they run through how to get your Joomla! site up using WebMatrix, a new free web tool from Microsoft, and running on Windows Server. All in about the same amount of time it takes to bake a batch of killer brownies.

*Brownies regrettably not included in session

Presenters: Dave Russell & Kath Roderick (ZA) (Microsoft SA)

This talk will summarize the main factors influencing search engines rankings. With a particular focus on the on-page factors and how sh404SEF can be used to improve over Joomla! natural results, other features of sh404SEF such as Analytics and short urls will be presented. Directions for future development will be outlined as well.

Presenter: Yannick Gaultier (FR) (AnythingDigital)

With the popularity of Joomla ever growing, and the demand for rich content managed web site's increasing, we as Joomla developers and administrators often find ourselves wanting to push the boundaries even more, adding that something 'extra' to our next Joomla powered web site. Quite often we'll need to make use of 5-10 (or more) extensions to get the functionality we desire.

Enter Seblod 2.0 CCK, a powerful Content Construction Kit for Joomla that places the power in your hands. Thought of as more like an 'enhancement' of the Joomla core, Seblod CCK allows you to create rich content types by creating fields of nearly any type (text, check boxes, images, files, youtube and so on), assigning it to a content type and easily creating the means for your users and administrators to add pretty much any type of content to your site. Site owners / administrators have complete control over the display of such content too.

With powerful templating features, field storage locations (within text, as own fields in an existing Joomla table or in their own tables) and unmatched search functionality, Seblod CCK allows the developer (or designer) to have great control over the display of content. Elements such as typography actions and field types are standard Joomla plug-ins, and as such adding more fields or field plug-ins to Seblod CCK follows the same procedure as creating a native joomla plug-in, with the exception of some additional events.

Native Joomla ACL control is available in all fields and content types, making it easy to control who can add, edit and delete content. Templates are maintained in the same folder as any other joomla template would be, and provide the developer or designer with a rich set of options. Additional template features such as positions, variations and overrides allow for fine tuned control over the display of content.

This presentation aims to introduce both the Joomla enthusiast as well as the seasoned Joomla Developer to the core concepts of Seblod CCK and how it can aid powerful content creation. It will provide viewers with the core concepts of fields, field storage locations, content types, search types and templates.

Viewers will be shown how content is easily added via the front end and back end, and how display of this content is easily controlled.

Presenter: Simon Dowdles (ZA) (WebFactory)

As both a user-friendly and robust open source CMS, Joomla has found a home in many charities and government agencies.

From collecting donations to making government more efficient, Joomla often plays a critical role in helping organizations more effectively publish content online. This session will be a discussion among both consultants and users within these types of organizations to share lessons learned, outline best practices, and provide an overview to help those trying to adopt Joomla within their organizations.Joomla for Non-Profits.

Presenter:  Ryan Ozimek (USA) (Open Source Matters)

Joomla is used by amateurs and professionals alike to build web sites. The reputation of Joomla suffers somewhat due to people's perception that it is for amateurs only. Similarly, there are web developers who use Joomla with varying degrees of facility. In many cases, the developers themselves have just scratched the surface of Joomla and "don't know what they don't know".

Certification for career and support paths for people that interact with Joomla would greatly build Joomla's professional standing and the abilities of its users.

Presenters: Brendon Hatcher (ZA) (BrilliantWeb) and Sean Grant (ZA) (LearnJoomla)

A case study about a joomla website (http://www.ocsl.ch) using Zoo (yootheme), Morph (joomlajunkie), Acesef (joomace) and other small extentions like simpletitle (module), mission control (rockettheme) etc.

Basically, it started from a website made with a software called Webaccapella which allows beginners to get a website up and running without knowing anything about coding. However, it lacks the insight to optimal web performance. For example, every elements are absolutely positioned, the amount of codes per page are insane etc.

The goal was to “reproduce” this website, by using joomla and the extensions mentioned above. On the old website, about a 1000 € each month was spent on google add in order to get clients. On the new website, which has been up and running for about 8 months (only 3 month for the stable version), the company is generating more clients with no money spent on google add.

For this case study, I will talk about :

  • How we proceeded to reproduce the site
  • Morph (performances, costume php to load css files according to the app being used with zoo etc.)
  • Zoo (Setting up different apps, different layouts, maybe costume elements or using existing elements, types etc.)
  • Acesef (setting it up for zoo, getting the url working well and customising it, metedata, generating sitemap etc.)
  • Simple title (how to get it work well with zoo’s categories, item etc.)

Presenter: Thierry Muller (SA) (OCSL Education)

This presentation will cover the advantages for government for using Joomla! It will also cover the challenges that are faced by Joomla! developers when dealing with government. An overview of the government’s take on open source standards, free / open CMS and direction in dealing with website development will be undertaken. A case study (of how not to develop a CMS-based website will be presented). Another quick case study will be presented – Dihlabeng local municipality (www.dihlabeng.gov.za) website – to demonstrate a better approach to ensuring government’s buy-in into Joomla!

A few key issues relating to how government should approach open source standards will be discussed. Government’s own hiccups in adopting and employing Joomla! will be highlighted as well – these will include a politically-enabling environment, corruption, lack of knowledge and being out of step with current web trends.

A kit of important tools that could be typically used by government will be developed. I will also present a Joomla! package aimed at governments – with very typical ingredients for a government website. The toolkit will be a pre-packaged Joomla installation that governments can use and configure with ease. This toolkit will include an administration component, a typical template, with other components that can be typical to Joomla. All of these will take into consideration licensing issues of each separate template / component etc.

Codenamed Mmuso, a conceptual Joomla-built website / template that is aimed at government sites will be unveiled.

Presenter: Phehello Mofokeng (ZA)

Andrew Eddie will deliver a talk on recent changes to the development cycle of the Open Source CMS Project, Joomla! They have followed a number of other Open Source projects, like Ubuntu, into releasing software on a time-basis rather than a feature-basis. Andrew will also be talking about how Joomla is separating out the underlying framework of the CMS into a separate project called the Joomla Platform.

Andrew will present via video link from Toowoomba, Australia

Presenter: Andre Eddie (AU) (The Art of Joomla)

Modules give your website power and appeal. You can turn your dull site into an exiting and dynamic masterpiece.

Unfortunately Joomla only gives you limited control over defining on what pages your modules are placed. You can only do this based on the menu items.

This is where Advanced Module Manager comes in and throws all limitations aside. We'll look at the different possibilities it gives you to assign modules to... well... to virtually anything you can think of. Hopefully we'll have some discussion and discover some great new ways to use all this power.

Presenter: Peter van Westen (NL) (NoNumber!)
Peter is the developer of Advanced Module Manager

Morph is a rapid template development framework for Joomla! that provides site builders & developers with the tools they need to easily build their own and client websites with Joomla!

In this talk, Chris will demonstrate the process of setting up a new Morph powered site, then move on to showing you how to create your own themelets (aka child themes) for Morph and outline the new direction of project.

Presenter: Chris Rault (ZA) (Web Monkeys)
Chris is one of the developers of Morph

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